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Our Around the World Sampler includes a selection of unique coffees from Latin America, Asia and Africa.  The coffees in this sampler have been carefully selected following our rigorous sourcing and sampling process.  Discover your favorite coffee region as you work you way through this diverse and delicious array of coffees. 


Each bag is filled with 5 oz. of roasted coffee, or enough for 2 average 10-cup pots, 7-8 pour overs or espresso brews. Take a global coffee excursion with our Around the World Sampler and try some of the unique diversity in flavor profiles from some of the world's top coffee growing regions.  


Featured Coffees:


  • Indonesia Sumatra FTO (Medium Roast)
  • Nicaragua Hacienda La Neutral (Medium-Dark Roast)
  • Brazil Classico (Medium-Dark Roast)
  • Tanzania Peaberry (Medium Roast)

Around the World Sampler


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