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Coffee is a highly personal experience based on your own taste.  Like wine, coffee is an agricultural product whose ultimate taste profile is impacted by annual growing conditions, altitude, processing methods at the farm or cooperative, roasting methods, packaging and of course brewing methods.  The options quickly grow exponentially.  Some people like a consistent coffee profile while others like the variety and nuances that many specialty coffees highlight.  Light roasts, dark roasts, whole bean, ground, espresso, AeroPress, pour-over, french press or cold brew.  At TJCR, we seek to partner with our customers to provide you with the freshest coffee possible that suits your unique taste profile or otherwise said...


The following resources are designed to inform you in the artisan process of creating your custom cup of coffee.  

Image by nousnou iwasaki

How to Choose a Roast Level

Image by charlesdeluvio

How much coffee do I need?

Ground Coffee

What is the best GRIND size?

Image by Jon Tyson

How do I keep my coffee fresh?

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