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Freshness First

Our Commitment to Freshness

At TJCR, we passionately manage for maximum freshness throughout our processes including:

  • We purchase the freshest beans possible.

  • All green coffee beans go through a comprehensive sampling and quality control process.

  • We store our green bean inventory in a climate controlled environment which includes all of our roasting operations.

  • We package all of our coffee within 24 hours of roastingWe only use packaging specifically designed for coffee.

  • TJCR operates as state inspected and approved food facility through the State of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

How do I keep my coffee fresh?

You have made the commitment to buy fresh roasted coffee.  How can you maintain that fresh roasted flavor for as long as possible?   The biggest factors impacting your fresh roasted coffee are heat, light, moisture and oxygen.  Coffee that is properly maintained can easily be enjoyed for up to 4-6 weeks after it was roasted if some simple precautions are followed.

Best Practices for keeping your coffee fresh!


Always store your coffee in a clean, dark place in a air-tight container.


Do not open your coffee bag until you are ready to use it. 


Once opened, remove only the amount of coffee needed and immediately close and re-seal the bag or container.


If possible, grind your coffee immediately before brewing.


Never refrigerate or freeze your roasted coffee.

We take our packaging seriously


Heat Sealed Bags

We use packaging specifically designed for coffee.  All coffees are packaged and heat sealed within 24 hours of roasting.


One-way Degassing Valves

For any bag over 4 oz, we use bags with a special one way valve to allow the remaining CO2 from the roasting process to escape while preventing air from getting into the bag.  The valves are also useful to "squeeze out" any air that gets into a previously opened bag.


Zip-Loc Resealable Bags

Our 1-pound bags all have a resealable zip-loc enclosure to reseal the bag. Simply pull the tab at the top of each bag to expose the zip-loc.

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