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Size: 16 oz


Recommended Roast Profile: Medium to Medium Dark


The Indonesia archipelago has been exporting coffee since the early 1700s and Sumatra has been a leading producer.  Sumatra is well known for coffees that are full bodied and lower in acidity. This excellent Sumatran coffee is produced by the Gaya Lauser Antara Cooperative and id certified Fair rade and Organic (FTO).  The cooperative was founded in 2015 and consists of 466 farmer members each cultivating 1-5 hectare farms using the rich, volcanic soil surrounding Gayo. 


Although natural and fully washed processing methods can be used, the large majority of Indonesion coffees including this Sumatran are processed using the Giling Basah or "Wet-Hulled" process frequently described as a hybrid process.  The wet-hulled process involves selective hand picking and pulping at or near the farm to remove the outer skin of the cherry but leaves the mucilage or fruit on the bean.  The coffee is fermented in clean water for 12-36 hours then initially dried in the sun for up to 2 days.  The coffee is delivered to a processing station for wet hulling to remove the mucilage and parchment layers then dried on tarps and patios to 14-15% moisture levels.  Exporters will finish the drying and sorting process and prepare for export.  These G1 graded beans are also double picked (DP) to insure that they are some of the best Sumatran coffees for export.  


Overall, this coffee exhibits  a traditional Sumatran flavor profile with an earthy full body and a light acidity.    It has taste notes of light molasses, cedar and spice-like undertones that contribute to a rounded yet deep flavor profile.  Best roasted to a Medium or Medium-Dark profile.


Product Details

  • Origin:  Sumatra Indonesia
  • Region:  Gayo, Aceh
  • Farm:  Gayo Lauser Antara Cooperative
  • Varieties:  Bourbon, Catimor, Jember
  • Altitude:  1450 to 1600 meters
  • Harvest:  April-June
  • Process:  Wet Hulled (Giling Basah)

Sumatra FTO

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