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Size: 16 oz


Recommended Roast Profile: Medium Dark


If you prefer organic coffee, our new Mill Road Organic Blend is a delicious blend of USDA Organic Coffees from Central and South America. Like all of our Signature Blends, Mill Road Organic Blend is the result of significant testing and roasts to come up with an organic coffee blend that produces a synergy of flavors that compliment each other.  This classic, full-bodied and balanced coffee is bright with a lively, tangy acidity and a mild sweetness that makes it great as an every day treat. At a preferred, Medium-Dark roast, it has a pronounced caramel sweetness that balances the acidity. 


Product Details

  • Origin: Tolima Colombia, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
  • Varieties: Bourbon, Castillo, Catuai, Caturra, Typica
  • Altitude: 1400+MASL
  • Process: Washed 


Mill Road Organic Blend is a great example of Top Java's committment to providing quality specialty coffee from around the world that is unique yet classic.

Mill Road Organic Blend

Price Options
One-time purchase
Every Week
Coffee delivered every week (Save10%)
$17.10every week until canceled
Every 2 Weeks
Coffee delivered every 2 weeks (Save(10%)
$17.10every 2 weeks until canceled
Every 3 Weeks
Coffee delivered every 3 weeks (Save10%)
$17.10every 3 weeks until canceled
Every Month
Coffee delivered every month (Save10%)
$17.10every month until canceled

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