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Our Organic Sampler is the perfect choice for those who want to discover the best organic coffee flavors. This sampler includes some of our most popular single origin organic coffees, carefully selected for their unique taste and quality.


Each bag is filled with 5 oz. of organic coffee, grown without any harmful chemicals or pesticides, or enough for 2 average 10-cup pots, 7-8 pourovers or espresso brews.. With this sampler, you can enjoy a variety of flavors and aromas, all while supporting sustainable and ethical coffee farming practices. Try our Organic Sampler today and experience the true taste of organic coffee.


Featured Organic Coffees:


  • Columbia Excelso EP Organic (Medium Roast)
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Organic (Medium Roast)
  • Guatemala SHB Organic (Medium Roast)

Organic Sampler


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