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Size: 16 oz


Recommended Roast Profile: Medium


This superb, high quality decaffeinated coffee is grown on a number of small 1-4.5 hectare farms across some of the major coffee producing regions in Colombia.  It is decaffeinated using a process called "sugarcane" which uses a naturally occuring organic compound, ethylene acetate (EA) produced from sugar cane.  This coffee produces a balanced, slightly sweet cup with tastes of chocolate and dried fruit.


Product Details

  • Origin:  Colombia
  • Region:  Cauca, Tolima, Antioquia and Eje Cafetero
  • Farm:  Various small producers
  • Varieties:  Various
  • Altitude:  1,400-2,100 meters above sea level
  • Harvest:  Primarily September - December
  • Process:  Sugar Cane Decaffeination

Colombia Decaf

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