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Size: 16 oz


Roast Profile: Medium


Mokha Java coffee is a historic and renowned blend that holds a special place in the world of coffee. It is often credited as one of the earliest coffee blends and has a fascinating history that dates back centuries. It has origins in both Yemen port city of Al-Mokha where coffee was first discovered and cultivated and the island of Java in Indonesia. In the 18th century, European coffee traders and merchants began blending Yemeni Mokha coffee and Indonesian Java coffee to create a unique blend. The combination of the rich, wine-like flavors of Yemeni Mokha and the smooth, earthy notes of Java created a blend known for its balanced and complex coffee profile. The blend's name, "Mokha Java," became synonymous with high-quality coffee. It became a favorite among coffee connoisseurs and played a significant role in shaping the early coffee culture.


Over time, Mokha Java coffee has evolved, and today, it may not always include Yemeni and Javanese beans. At Top Java, our modern interpretation uses beans from our exclusive, single estate Kenya coffee and Indonesia that are reminiscent of the flavors and pays homage to this classic blend, striving to recreate its unique taste that has captivated coffee lovers for centuries and continues to be appreciated today.


Best at medium roasts. Slightly sweet tastes of chocolate and dried berries.


Product Details

  • Origin:  Kenya, Indonesia
  • Varieties:  SL28, SL34, Bourbon, Catimor, Jember
  • Altitude:  1450 - 1750 meters
  • Process:  Washed, semi washed

Mokha Java Blend

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