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Size: 16 oz


Recommended Roast Profile: Medium to Medium Dark


We are excited about our new Direct Trade partnership with Hacienda La Neutral, a 600 acre coffee farm in Nicaragua operated for the last 4 generations by the Blandón family.  The farm is located in the northwest hills of Nicaragua in the Jinotega region.  About one half of the farms acreage is dedicated to produce quality Caturra and Parainema coffee varieties that are shade grown using sustainable farming practices.  


The farm runs its own modern processing station and produces a classic wet processed or washed coffee supported by an abundant supply of running fresh mountain water on the estate.  At the end of each harvest day, the coffee cherries are wet milled where the the skin and pulp are removed. The cherry seeds (beans) are fermented for 36 hours in large tanks. During this time, naturally occurring enzymes remove the mucilage attached to the bean. At the completion of fermentation, the beans are completely washed. The washed coffee is transported down from the wet, cool farm to an arid region where it is dried in the sun.  

The coffee has a classic Nicaraguan flavor profile that is well balanced with clean acidity and citrus fruit.  This versatile coffee is best roasted to a Medium to Medium-Dark profile.


Product Details

  • Origin:  Nicaragua
  • Region:  Jinotega
  • Farm:  Hacienda La Neutral
  • Varieties:  Caturra
  • Altitude:  1200 - 1750 meters
  • Harvest:  November - March
  • Process:  Washed

Nicaragua Hacienda La Neutral

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